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First Annual Conference 2017 Agenda

First Annual Conference 2017 Overview

First Annual Conference 2017 Speakers

The President Mr. Atef Idriss

Dr. Ossama Dimassi, Conference Chair

Tracks Description



Events & Activities

The Association holds a variety of activities during the year in the form of meetings, conferences and workshops at different institutions, universities and syndicates; the following are topics of a sample of these activities held since 1966:
· What is the role of a food technologist
· Food Quality control and nutrition facts
· Food laws in Lebanon
· New UHT processing of Middle Eastern foods (workshop)
· How to start your own food business (workshop)
· Food standards in Lebanon
· Pest management in food establishments
· Chemistry and technology of frying oils
· FDA filing documents for low-acid foods (workshop)
· Bioterrorism Acts and the food supply chain
· Technical capabilities of Government laboratories
· Use of probiotics in food manufacturing
· Quality Programme of the Ministry of Economy and Trade
Speakers at these activities include Lebanese and International scientists, industrialists, Government officers, and UN experts.

Links with other organizations, national and international
LAFST cooperates, through its members, with other organizations that have common goals, including the Syndicate of Food Industrialists; LIBNOR in the preparation of food standards and specifications, LAND, the Lebanese Association of Nutrition and Development, and QUALEB program of the MOET.
Internationally, LAFST is a voting member of IUFOST, the International Union of Food Science and Technology. At present, LAFST is seeking links with similar associations in several Arab countries.

Minutes of Meetings and Recommendations
Future immediate plans
Communication: as a means of communicating among its members, the Association started distributing a Newsletter about its activities.
It is now preparing to reinforce its communication through networking and developing a web site of its own.

LAFST Conference

Mission of the Conference

The LAFST Annual Convention 2017 is the first one to be coordinated by LAFST. The LAFST Convention aims to be the connection between food industries and academics by being the mediator to allow the presentation of researches from the two fields. Researches presented will be cited on the LAFST website. LAFST convention 2017 will be the beginning of a further series of annual conferences yet to come.

LAFST Conference will be held on September 28 & 29, 2017 at LAU - Beirut.

LAFST Convention 2017 Tracks

In this year’s conference, the following track are included:

Track 1: Food science & technology: Pre-harvest factors, tools, techniques and instrumentation

Track 2: Food security: Risk analysis and management, value chain analysis, public health and hygiene 

Track 3: Impact of environmental pollution on food industries

Track 4: Food Adulteration: Laws policy and governance

Track 5: Food Economic and Marketing

Brochure (attached in email)

Table of Fees

Registration fee  

Before                         September

1st, 2017  

After September 1st, 2017  

1- Opening ceremony  



2- Tracks participation after the opening ceremony: if you are:  


(Nonmember LAFST) 

120$  USD 

150$  USD 

Participants (Member of LAFST) 

70$  USD 

100$  USD 

Students ( Non-

Member of LAFST) 

20$  USD 

50$  USD 

Student (Member of LAFST) 


30$  USD 



If you are interested in presenting your research or just attending the conference, please fill out this form. Looking forward to see you!

If you are interested in being a speaker in our conference regarding a topic you might find suitable for the event, please contact us on .">. or on 00 (961) 1 745744