What do we do

The Association holds a variety of activities during the year in the form of meetings, conferences and workshops at different institutions, universities and syndicates;
the following are topics of a sample of these activities held since 1996:
 – What is the role of a food technologist
 Food quality control and nutrition facts
– Food laws in Lebanon
– New UHT processing of Middle Eastern foods (workshop)
– How to start your own food business (workshop)
– Food standards in Lebanon
– Pest management in food establishments
– Chemistry and technology of frying oils
– FDA filing documents for low-acid foods (workshop)

– Bioterrorism Acts and the food supply chain

– Technical capabilities of Government laboratories

– Use of probiotics in food manufacturing

– Quality Program of the Ministry of Economy and Trade

–  Speakers at these activities include Lebanese and International scientists, in- dustrialists, Government officers, and UN ex-perts.



Membership Benefits

For LAFST members there is a secure members only area where members can access:

  • Member Directory Listing
  •  Conventions and meeting videos
  •  Membership Renewal Form
  •  Technical meeting presentations
  • Online Forum for the National Food Policy and Regulations
  • Access to studies and publications
  • general contact detail

Who We Are

Members of LAFST are a group of food scientists, food technologists, food industrialists, food science professors and students, and related professionals interested in promoting proper production of processed foods.

Also it includes professionals concerned with food safety and quality, nutritional quality of foods, and improving food standards and specifications.

Current President:

Mrs.Rana cheaito Masters in sciences , Lebanese university. Masters in food science and Technology , LIU.
Vice president:

Mrs.Lina Malaeb Masters in food science and Technology, LIU
Former President :

Dr. Bashir Abi Salloum PhD in Agricultural Sciences  (Reproduction Physiology) University of Hohenheim, Germany, M.S. in Livestock Production and Management, BSc in Agriculture Sciences, AUB
General Secretary:

Rim Al khatib
Treasurer: Dr. Mahmoud Halablab

Dr.Aline Issa, Iman Okla Masri
Scientific Committee Member: Dr. Reine Barbar
PhD in Biotechnology and Food Processing – Institute National Polytechnique de Lorraine (INPL)
USEK Representative: Dr. Lara Hanna
NDU representative: Dr. Christelle Bou Metri, Dr. Layal Karam
Consultant: Dr.Aline Issa, Iman Okla masri

Annual Member Fees:
– Corporate Member : 500$ (Rate: 4000)
– Student membership:100$ (Rate: 4000)

Mission and Objectives

The Major goal of the Association is to assist in the development of the food industry and establishments through the support of its members with particular emphasis on: Food Quality Control, Food Safety and Consumers Protection.

This is achieved by establishing communication among them,

to share knowledge in :

  • Scientific advancements and new technologies
  • New regulations and legislation
  •  Meetings, conferences and work- shops

Link for LAFST Corporate Membership

 Click here: LAFST Corporate Link